Our winery is located in Poderone in Magliano in Toscana. It is only partially visible from the outside because most of the structure is underground. The stone exterior and green roofing blend in with the landscape and make the structure very efficient, well insulated and with a constant internal temperature and humidity all year round. The solar panels on the roof produce part of the energy necessary for its operation.
Our organic and vegan wines age in 40 stainless steel vats and about 100 barriques and tonneaux, for a total capacity of 3,600 hectolitres. Our current production is 220,000 bottles per year.

Strictly Organic

Even in the winery, we process the grapes without using unnecessary additives. We apply organic concepts and adopt the most advanced technologies in temperature control, fermentation, pumping over and delicate punching down.


In Maremma

We are located in a unique place, nestled in the south of Tuscany and surrounded by untamed nature. The varied landscape ranges from the woods of a regional park to medieval villages, and then on to the sea. These are places where you can discover ancient traditions and enjoy true beauty in every season. Maremma is also the birthplace of Tuscan viticulture, with its origins dating back to the Etruscans and their sophisticated civilisation. The microclimate of the Maremma hills has always brought out the best qualities of Sangiovese grapes, which are used to make wines like Morellino di Scansano – known and loved throughout the world. The combination of minerals, lime, marl and limestone – combined with the coastal influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea – form the basis for opulent, soft red wines and for savoury white wines with a strong personality.

ARTE&VINO in Cantina

Since 2015, our two great passions – art and wine – have given life to a biannual event: Arte&Vino in Cantina. In past editions, the artists created site-specific works that offered an exclusive interpretation of the place and its characteristics. The Nature Specific project is based on similar concept and featured works by Samantha Passaniti, Lapo Simeoni, Antonio Barbieri and Giuseppe Zanoni. In 2019, the theme of the event was La Casa dei Pesci (The House of Fish), a project dedicated to the protection of the Maremma seabed against the devastation caused by illegal trawling. The action took the form of installations of bollard blocks and works of art placed in the sea. As part of this initiative, Cantina LaSelva financed the purchase of a block of marble, later sculpted by Giorgio Butini for the marine art park.